Zesty Cinnamon Rolls

It’s official. It’s autumn. The leaves are sitting on the tarmac, covering the ground with an orange and red carpet. The season has changed. And that means…CINNAMON.

Seriously. It’s like a light switch: at some point in the year I will just feel autumnal. Some years it happens in October. Sometimes it’ll not hit me until November.

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Creme Brûlée Doughnuts

My deepest apologies that things have been a little quiet – I’ve had a tough time recently, because my OVEN BROKE. Oh the hysteria, the drama, the tears and the trantrums. No baking. For over two weeks. A glimpse of what my life would look like without baking was akin to the ghost of Christmas future for Scrooge.

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Snickers Cake

What can I say? The Snickers Brownies proved so popular that the crowd demanded
more – and they wanted it big. So it was with my sister’s birthday approaching, I decided to give into peer pressure and give the crowd exactly what they wanted: this epic Snickers layer cake!

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The Liebster Award

So…I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award – I feel like the blog might be a little old to receive it, but I’ll take it and run because, well…any excuse for a rosette, am I right?

I’d like to thank Start In A Kitchen for my nomination! Brella provides great insight from a working chef so I urge you check out her blog! Below you can find the answers to my questions.

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Triple Nut Brownies

It’s official! BAKER MAN has officially surpassed the 1k followers mark, and I am over the moon. 1k followers, for me at least, is a big deal. Yes, it might be a drop in the ocean to some others out there, but considering it’s different incarnations, it’s sometime slack of recipes as I go through a blip and the overall massive learning curve this has been from me, I am pretty damn chuffed!

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White Chocolate & Honeycomb Brownies

We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen! BAKER MAN’S Facebook competition ended, and these guys were the very yummy result – and what a result! Chocolate and Honeycomb go absolutwly wonderfully together – balance it all out with some creamy vanilla spiked white chocolate. Heaven!

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Pecan Pie Brownies

What a week! Firstly – welcome new followers and readers, it’s great to have you. Following the site profile on Discover, Baker Man has been ‘discovered’ hundreds and hundreds of times in the last few days and many of you joined to follow in the fun! So thank you, whether you’re brand new to BAKER MAN or have been around since Day 1. Each and every one of you is totally awesome!

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Rocky Road Brownies

Have you entetred the Brownie competition yet? If not – do so! Just click here and follow the instructions for your chance to win some brownies!

Brownie No.2 is a camping favourite – Rocky Road! Gooey marshmallow, crunchy nuts and chocolate upon chocolate! What more could you want from a fudgey, gooey brownie? Not much, that’s what!

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Pretzel & Caramel Brownies

Annnnd we’ve arrived at the next ‘Series’ of recipes – Brownies. Time to experiment – ever tasted one of the best brownies and have some flavour combos as suggestions? Brownies are a right treat, and can be tweaked in some pretty awesome ways, so I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m going to aim to post around 6 different brownies. Will your favourite make it on the list?

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Neapolitan Drip Cake

First off: I’m sorry. It’s been a while. It’s been, well it’s been too long. It’s been over a month since I posted anything and that, I have to say now, is not acceptable. Life got in the way, for a start, and then I became a little…disenfranchised, should we say, about this whole baking lark.

I don’t know, I guess I had a couple of disasters, left it a while and then just didn’t bake. At all. For ages. Sometimes that is what you need – a little break to recharge the batteries and reignite the passion and inspiration. I would say it worked: half way through last week I just had the urge to bake.

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Passion Fruit Cupcakes

I like fruit, but I have to admit – fruit and cake are not always my favourite. Banana loaf is kind of a no from me and a victoria sponge with strawberry jam is just kind of boring. Please, no judgement! So when I include fruit in a cake, it needs to be done in a big way and be some bold, fruity flavours. And these guys are no exception and a perfect example of what I love.

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Kinder Egg Cupakes

So Easter is officially done. As a result, there’s a shed load of chocolate in my cupboard ready to be eaten and supermarkets all around are knocking down the prices of Easter chocolate.

So get on it. These Kinder egg cupcakes are pretty sweet. As in, they might hurt your teeth after the sixth one (I would know…), but they are also pretty sweet.

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