Hi all,

I just wanted to update you all on the changes to the site. I started All Thyme Favourites back in March – my inability to keep any kind of hobby going meant that I wasn’t really expecting this sit to go anywhere, let alone do as well as it’s done. In addition, my baking is no longer just limited to this website anymore and I’ve started to take more and more commissions in “real life”.

Now, you may be able to tell from he site, the photography and the recipe layouts, I like to keep a ‘continuity’ – picking a style and rolling it out in every element I can, resulting in everything fitting together, so to speak. It was with this in mind, and the increased “real life” requests that I decided to rebrand as Baker Man.

Baker Man is very much the same framework, with the same style and the same fabric running through the website and it’s recipes, but this allows me to use the brand, for want of a better word, offline. All Thyme Favourites does not sound like a business. Not that I’m starting one, I hasten to add, but just incase this leads anywhere I’d like to set in stone now a fluidity that starts online and can flow offline seamlessly.

So welcome, one and all, to Baker Man. Enjoy the rebrand [I’m in the process of updating everything over the next week on the website, but 90% of it is already done] and enjoy the future recipes. I’ll be posting a few new things over the next week sop keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you again soon.