Rhubarb Curd

Rhubarb is currently in season – so make the most of it. I stumbled across a bunch of it which even when in season is often difficult so I grabbed as much as I could and then panicked. What to do with so much rhubarb? I have a couple of recipes coming up which utilised them all wonderfully so keep your eyes peeled.

So first in the list is this rhubarb curd. You guys know how much I love a good curd – whether it be lemon, lime or grapefruit. But rhubarb is one I hadn’t even thought about doing until I was dining in a restaurant and they have a lemon tart served with some rhubarb curd. Let me tell you: it was amazing.

It’s a little tangy, but also pretty sweet and we all know how well sugar works with rhubarb. They go hand in hand. Anyway, take a look at the recipe – it’s super easy and super quick and the payoff is tenfold the effort.


Yields:  350ml

200ml juice from rhubarb
120g caster sugar
2 eggs
100g butter
2 tsp corn flour
pink food colouring

Add the sugar and cornflour to a small pan and whisk together to combine. Add the juice from the rhubarb and stir to mix everything together. Heat on medium heat until just boiling. Add a little pink food colouring to bump up the colour a little.

In a bowl, whisk the yolks and add a quarter of the juice to the egg yolks, whisking constantly to temper them. Once all mixed together, pour back into the pan and stir until thickened on a very low heat.

Once thickened to your liking, decant into a bowl and leave to cool and then keep in the fridge. Serve cold.