BAKER MAN began IN 2016 after a failed attempted in 2014. By failed attempt, I mean I literally didn’t post one single recipe because I got scared and signed out straight away.

Fast forward two years and I got the inspiration to do something different. My hobby of baking was becoming ever prevalent in my life and I needed an outlet – I needed to ensure this hobby grew where so many hadn’t. I needed to feel inspired by others and to learn continuously. I logged back on and changed the name of whatever my 2014 blog was going to be called to what it would then be known as: All Thyme Favourites.

Say what?! That’s not what site you’re on now you shout. Correct. Towards the end of last year, I rebranded to BAKER MAN – you can read why here if you’re at all interested (hint: it’s not interesting)

BAKER MAN has just passed it’s one year blogiversary – something I didn’t at all see happening and while I’ve had a very quiet past month, I’ve certainly not lost enthusiasm with this site and with the regular visitors and fans – thank you for coming back every time a new recipe goes online, it really does make it all worthwhile.

So, what so expect for 2017? They’ll be more cake (of course), they’ll be bread (omg all these carbs) and they’ll be some fancy-ass desserts now and again just to shake things up.

Thanks for reading.