Strawberry Milkshake Cake

The final instalment of the ‘Great Bakes of America’ series brings a classic, American drink in the form of cake.

This cake brings together all the best elements of the drink – the creaminess of the strawberry, compounded further by the squirty cream and the crunch of the sprinkles. It tastes like the real deal, only you’re eating a cake instead – prepare to get confused!

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Fluffy American Pancakes

So this is a mixture of Great Bakes of America and Christmas. Why? We all have that little bit more time during the holidays – many of us are off work and so have time to enjoy a more substantial breakfast than a banana in the car on the way to work. What…just me?

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Pecan Brittle Cake

Another week, another classic American recipe and another pie. Pecan Pie – an American staple! This cake takes all the best elements – the caramel and the pecan – and used them in various ways. You’ve got the caramel drizzle and roasted pecans as decoration, the pecan brittle which offers incredible texture against the sponge and a more intense bitterness to offset the sweetness of the buttercream and finally the gooey, nutty and chewy caramel inbetween each layer.

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Key Lime Pie Cake

The Great Bakes of America continues and we’re using a classic American pie once again. To mix things up a little, we’re also adding spome zesty passion fruit – lime and passionfruit are a wonderful combination, complimenting once anopther brilliantly. And I love passion fruit. With a…erm, well with a passion.

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Apple Pie Cake

Autumn continues. I set out to escape the winter of the UK and head for the bright lights of New York City. What followed was 5 days of exploration – everything from the architecture to, of course, the food. And it got me thinking about some classic American recipes and desserts that I could work into something. And so I introduce to you the Great Bakes of America series.

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