Creme Egg Brownies

Count them: how many crème eggs have you left over from Easter? What do you mean none? NONE? Well then go out and buy some – because these guys need to made, pronto! Continue reading “Creme Egg Brownies”


Stem Ginger & Dark Chocolate Brownies

Hey all! We’ve not seen one of these around here recently, have we? A brownie recipe that is! This recipe came about a while ago – back when I ran the Brownie competition (eventual winner being these bad boys)

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Triple Nut Brownies

It’s official! BAKER MAN has officially surpassed the 1k followers mark, and I am over the moon. 1k followers, for me at least, is a big deal. Yes, it might be a drop in the ocean to some others out there, but considering it’s different incarnations, it’s sometime slack of recipes as I go through a blip and the overall massive learning curve this has been from me, I am pretty damn chuffed!

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Pretzel & Caramel Brownies

Annnnd we’ve arrived at the next ‘Series’ of recipes – Brownies. Time to experiment – ever tasted one of the best brownies and have some flavour combos as suggestions? Brownies are a right treat, and can be tweaked in some pretty awesome ways, so I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m going to aim to post around 6 different brownies. Will your favourite make it on the list?

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