Chocolate Tart

So since finding the creaming method when making shortcrust pastry, I have become addicted to it. Trust me when I tell you that it works every. single. time, and produces some magnificent buttery, flaky and delicate pastry.

As a result, I have been in the kitchen practising and perfecting this (and eating the results, of course). As a final result, I present to you this incredibly indulgent Chocolate Tart. Of course, they’ll be a Lemon Tart coming, I am sure. Because, well because lemons.

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Chocolate Orange Mousse Tarts

Chocolate Mousse is a childhood favourite of mine. I remember I always had a mousse in my lunchbox at primary school and sometimes I loved the fluffy, airy texture and sometimes I liked beating it with my spoon so it was this thick, rich dessert. This mousse falls somewhere in the middle.
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Grapefruit, Ginger and Lemon Meringue Tart

Despite the wintery spell outside – temperatures dropping and snow falling – I still crave, all year-round, citrus. Lemons and limes are particular favourites (like you didn’t know!),  but one fruit often overlooked is Grapefruit. Not only does it make a great breakfast with some yoghurt, but it also makes an epic curd. So zingy…the kinda curd that makes you squint a little but wanting more!
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Christmas Day Pie

It’s CHRISTMAS. First of all, a very Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for another amazing year and for your consistent visits, likes, shares and comments. It’s much appreciated and makes this all worthwhile.

Now, the Christmas meal is over and even though it’s 3 days gone, you’ve probably got a bit of stuff still left over and it’ll need to be thrown out pretty soon. But wait. Wait a goddamn second because this pie will use up any leftovers you have and will taste..AMAZING.
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Apple Pie Cake

Autumn continues. I set out to escape the winter of the UK and head for the bright lights of New York City. What followed was 5 days of exploration – everything from the architecture to, of course, the food. And it got me thinking about some classic American recipes and desserts that I could work into something. And so I introduce to you the Great Bakes of America series.

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Mince Pies

Christmas is almost here – two weeks no less, and my tastebuds are craving anything that has even the slightest connotations with Christmas. This week, it was mince pies – mince pies are a very British thing. Cold or warm, with or without cream, either way is fine. More than fine. Either way is a joy to behold. I like to mark December 1 with my first mince pie – y’know, really get that festive ball rolling with what I consider the ultimate sweet Christmas treat. My deep-filled mince pies are topped with icing sugar, with the filling encased inside a sweet and crumbly pastry.

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Honey & Pistachio Balkava Cake

Baker Man is live and here’s a Baklava cake. That’s right, you read it correctly. That means honey, nuts, filo pastry – all in cake form. I got the idea here, and decided to tweak some elements as well as supercharge it, by turning it from impressive cupcake to full-on layer cake!

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Ham, Oliver & Pepper Tart

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Sometimes I’m not in the mood for something sweet. Only sometimes, however. And when lunch calls and I fancy a healthy snack, I opt for this vegetable tart – it screams of Italy and is so simply to make, taking just a few minutes and some very simply ingredients.

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Parmesan Twists

It’s summer time – so that means picnics all round. I am sure there will be the usual British fare – cucumber sandwiches (hey, who is complaining), sausage rolls, the obligatory bag of Kettle chips and of course some Pimms. Well there best be Pimms otherwise what kind of picnic do you call this?

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You might know by now that lemon is one of my ultimate favourite flavours – I especially enjoy a lemon meringue pie with the pastry, the lemony-goodness and cloud-like meringue all combined. Heaven on a plate. I felt like taking the classic Éclair and putting a bit of a fun twist on it. The result is a stunning, citrusy Éclair perfect with a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon.

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Just because it’s now officially spring and the clocks are going forward, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy an Autumnal treat every now and then. When I think of Autumn, I automatically think of pie. Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie and most of all Pecan Pie. Pecan Pie has such a depth of flavour; dark and sticky and fudgy. When you pair it with the ginger ice cream and a rum-laced toffee sauce you have one hell of a dessert.

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