Creme Egg Brownies

Count them: how many crème eggs have you left over from Easter? What do you mean none? NONE? Well then go out and buy some – because these guys need to made, pronto! Continue reading “Creme Egg Brownies”


Stem Ginger & Dark Chocolate Brownies

Hey all! We’ve not seen one of these around here recently, have we? A brownie recipe that is! This recipe came about a while ago – back when I ran the Brownie competition (eventual winner being these bad boys)

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Christmas Day Pie

It’s CHRISTMAS. First of all, a very Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for another amazing year and for your consistent visits, likes, shares and comments. It’s much appreciated and makes this all worthwhile.

Now, the Christmas meal is over and even though it’s 3 days gone, you’ve probably got a bit of stuff still left over and it’ll need to be thrown out pretty soon. But wait. Wait a goddamn second because this pie will use up any leftovers you have and will taste..AMAZING.
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Pretzel & Caramel Brownies

Annnnd we’ve arrived at the next ‘Series’ of recipes – Brownies. Time to experiment – ever tasted one of the best brownies and have some flavour combos as suggestions? Brownies are a right treat, and can be tweaked in some pretty awesome ways, so I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m going to aim to post around 6 different brownies. Will your favourite make it on the list?

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Mint Choc Chip Macarons


I said last week that #macaronmondays is going to become a thing. Since then, John Whaite has given his seal of approval. If the winner of the Great British Bake Off agrees, then surely it’s a done deal, right?

So on I go. I have a list of macaron flavours that I’ll be bring you over the coming weeks – we have some fun flavours, some serious and some just good old fashioned classics. Below is the latter – who can beat the flavour of mint-choc chip?

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Raspberry & White Chocolate Macarons


Recently, during a trip to a well known UK supermarket – M&S – I was browsing the aisles, taking in the various assortment of consumables you wouldn’t find in any other supermarket – everything sounded so decadent, so special. Within the plethora of cheesecakes, millionaire shortbread puddings and melting in the middle chocolate fondants sat a small box, shiney and tied with a bow. An assortment of macarons from raspberry to pistachio and everything in between.

It reminded me of my trip to France. Here I was, in the most English of supermarkets and I wanted to have an A-Ha moment and jump into the fridge to go somewhere different, than place being Paris. A few years ago I visited the capital for a few days. I had a list of things I wanted to see. The Eiffel Tower, of course. The Sacré-Cœur, which we were staying just a stones throw away. Then Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Notre Dame. But at the top of the list were two simple words. ‘FRENCH PATISSERIE”

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Parmesan Twists

It’s summer time – so that means picnics all round. I am sure there will be the usual British fare – cucumber sandwiches (hey, who is complaining), sausage rolls, the obligatory bag of Kettle chips and of course some Pimms. Well there best be Pimms otherwise what kind of picnic do you call this?

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Is there much more comforting than a bowl of risotto? Silky,creamy and cheesy – what is not to love on a cold winter’s day? Not only is risotto a fantastic meal on it’s own, it also makes great leftovers. Find out how to turn a bowl of comfort food into an impressive looking starter – thought don’t tell anyone how easy it is!


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