Lemon & Thyme Drizzle Mini Bundt Cakes

So, it’s been a while and for that, I apologise. But, but… there is a reason and it’s a little top secret, but it’s going to prevent me from uploading as many recipes but it’ll be worth it – I promise!

You might also notice a distinct difference in style for this recipe and it’s something I’m trying out – veering away from every recipe being dark and moody, I thought I’d begin venturing into something lighter and fresher – let me know what you think! It’s not to say I’ll never do the dark and moody stuff again, but let’s mix it up a little, shall we?

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Mini Egg Nest Cake

OK. So confession time. This is the first time I have purchased corn flakes as an adult. I know, I know, but I’m just not a cereal guy! I’m a toast or pastry kinda guy. And so as the cereal box made it’s way down the conveyor belt I couldn’t help but smile at that very the very first time I am buying them as an adult is to make…a giant chocolate cornflake nest. Is there anything more reminiscent of childhood at Easter than that?

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Raspberry Pavlova Cake

Is it summer yet? No, not quite, but you could be fooled if you closed your eyes and ate a fork full of this dessert. It has all the flavours and ingredients of a Great British summer (sans rain). Yes, yes…Pavlova is German, but us Brits have taken it to our hearts and to our picnics and to our dessert tables. And we love it so. Because I’m not quite ready for summer yet, I didn’t go the hole damn way and create a pavlova. Instead, I’ve taken elements from one of my all time favourite desserts and incorporated them into a cake.

Inbetween the sponges, you’ve got the most awesome chewy meringue that takes you right to that picnic blanket or dessert table and shouts one thing at you: RASBPERRY PAVLOVA!
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Coffee and Cocoa Mini Bundt Cake

It’s official: I love bundt cakes and I plan to make plenty more. This week, I’ve been in the mood for something pretty chocolatey – which is pretty bad after the amount I consumed during Christmas! But, I am weak-minded and so gave into my gut. And out of that weak-willedness came these coffee and cocoa bundt cakes.

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The Art Of: Italian Meringue

Welcome, followers and new readers to a new series which looks at some of the technical components of a dish, rather than a complete recipe. I thought one of the best skills to master would be meringue. Why? Because 70% of my recipes use it (I jest, but also…)

Meringue can take many different a guise – whether it be baked or soft and can be made in a variety of ways, each one using a specific method to produce a different result than one another.
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Grapefruit, Ginger and Lemon Meringue Tart

Despite the wintery spell outside – temperatures dropping and snow falling – I still crave, all year-round, citrus. Lemons and limes are particular favourites (like you didn’t know!),  but one fruit often overlooked is Grapefruit. Not only does it make a great breakfast with some yoghurt, but it also makes an epic curd. So zingy…the kinda curd that makes you squint a little but wanting more!
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Simple White Crusty Loaf

The first weekend of the year is here, and I’m still very much in the baking mindset that  set in over Christmas – and I’m talking about the relaxing, therapeutic baking – doing something a little different that I’m not that familiar with – and after almost 2 years of Baker Man, here is the very first bread recipe. No way, you say!
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Citrus, Honey and Pistachio Mini Bundt Cake

These lil’ guys are something I have been wanting to make for ages but just haven’t got round to it. Over Christmas, I ordered this incredible 6-hole mini bundt tin from Amazon and I set myself to work. There is something humbling and relaxing about making mini cakes. I think it’s going something to do with the fact you’ve got to decorate each one and – for me anyway – each one has to look identical, so you’ve got the extra challenge. You’ve got to spend that little bit more time and offer up that bit of a delicate hand and so all in all the whole experience becomes simply more therapeutic.

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Christmas Day Pie

It’s CHRISTMAS. First of all, a very Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for another amazing year and for your consistent visits, likes, shares and comments. It’s much appreciated and makes this all worthwhile.

Now, the Christmas meal is over and even though it’s 3 days gone, you’ve probably got a bit of stuff still left over and it’ll need to be thrown out pretty soon. But wait. Wait a goddamn second because this pie will use up any leftovers you have and will taste..AMAZING.
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Lemon Sorbet Chocolates

It’s gift-giving time, and these homemade chocolates make for a wonderful, personalised gift – and the best thing about them? Once you have the mould, you can create a multitude of different chocolates – whether they’re solid, oozing with a caramel centre, filled with some kind of ganache…whether they’re fruit, chocolate or nutty…the possibilities are endless.

These lil’ guys are my Lemon Sorbet chocolates. A milk chocolate shell filled with a layer of lemon curd and a layer of lemon white chocolate ganache, these guys are finished with a gold dusting because, well…because it’s Christmas and everything needs that extra sparkle, right?

lemon sorbet chocolates 3

So easy to make, and so impressive to give as a gift.


Yields: 24 chocolates

200g Milk Chocolate

100g white chocolate
50ml double cream
Lemon extract
zest of 1 lemon
2 tbsp lemon curd


First, dust the moulds with gold lustre dust. Next, you need to temper the chocolate. I do this without a thermometer, and it’s pretty simple. Break the milk chocolate into chunks and heat 130g of it over a bain marie. Wait until 1/3rd of the chocolate is melted and then stir continuously to melt the the rest. Once the rest has melted, remove from the heat and add the remaining 70g. Stir until the rest of the chocolate has melted and it’s become duller in colour and thicker in consistency. This could take up to about 20 minutes. Test the temperature by putting a spot of chocolate just under your bottom lip. If it’s cool to the feel, it’s ready.

Pour the melted chocolate into the prepared mould and swirl around to cover all sides of each crevice. Once done, turn over and tap the side with a wooden spoon over greaseproof paper so most of the chocolate falls out. Turn back over and place in the fridge to set for at leats half an hour.

lemon sorbet chocolates 2

Mix the zest and the lemon extract with the cream and pout over the broken up white chocolate. Place in the microwave for 30 seconds and mix. Another 30 seconds and stir again until the white chocolate is fully melted and glossy. Leave to cool for 10 minutes and place in the fridge for half an hour.

Once done, remove from the fridge and with a hand mixer, beat the ganache until it’s pale and fluffy. Decant into a piping bag fit with a plain nozzle.

Remove the shells from the fridge and place a spot of the curd in each. Top with a little of the ganache, leaving room at the top for the base chocolate. Once all shells are filled, pour over the remaining chocolate and scrape all the excess chocolate away with a bench scraper. Leave to set for a further 30 minutes to an hour.

To realise from the moulds, all it takes is a good hard tap against a counter and they should come out with ease.

lemon sorbet chocolates

Strawberry Milkshake Cake

The final instalment of the ‘Great Bakes of America’ series brings a classic, American drink in the form of cake.

This cake brings together all the best elements of the drink – the creaminess of the strawberry, compounded further by the squirty cream and the crunch of the sprinkles. It tastes like the real deal, only you’re eating a cake instead – prepare to get confused!

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Fluffy American Pancakes

So this is a mixture of Great Bakes of America and Christmas. Why? We all have that little bit more time during the holidays – many of us are off work and so have time to enjoy a more substantial breakfast than a banana in the car on the way to work. What…just me?

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