Loaf – Bread: Back to Basics

We are welcomed into the kitchen by Gordon, who pops his head out of the door with a “you look lost – are you here for the bread baking course?”

That we were. As I’ve said before, I am well versed in cake, in tarts and desserts. I understand them and, for the most part, they understand me. They usually do what I ask. Bread, however. Bread is a different ball game. It ignores me. Nay! It actually does the opposite of what I ask.
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Simple White Crusty Loaf

The first weekend of the year is here, and I’m still very much in the baking mindset that  set in over Christmas – and I’m talking about the relaxing, therapeutic baking – doing something a little different that I’m not that familiar with – and after almost 2 years of Baker Man, here is the very first bread recipe. No way, you say!
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Burgers are big business nowadays – so much so my local town is almost overrun with restaurants competing with one another on who can offer the biggest burgers, the spiciest, the sweetest – I kid you not when I say that there is a doughnut burger – replace the bun with a two doughnuts and you have a sugary, bacon, beef concoction. I’ve been reassured it’s good.

I wanted to perfect the best restaurant-quality burger to have at home. Cheesy, saucy, a little bit greasy – one where the filling bursts out the sides when you take a bite.

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