Salted Caramel Sauce

Essentials time! Caramel sauce is an essential, right? No, I jest (I don’t). By essentials, what I mean is that sometimes it’s nice just to go right back to basics and discover the elements to what often makes up part of a larger dish. I’ve used this caramel sauce of a huge about of bakes – whether used in a drizzle, a filling or sandwiched in-between two sponges.
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Creme Brûlée Doughnuts

My deepest apologies that things have been a little quiet – I’ve had a tough time recently, because my OVEN BROKE. Oh the hysteria, the drama, the tears and the trantrums. No baking. For over two weeks. A glimpse of what my life would look like without baking was akin to the ghost of Christmas future for Scrooge. That’s to say it enlightened me to exactly what I currently get out of baking; how lucky I am to enjoy such a thing and how I sometimes take it for granted. Never again.

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Classic Banoffee

Here we go, confession time: I was never a fan of banoffee. I think it’s one of of those things that I just wasn’t a fan of as a child and as I continue to age, I like it more and more. Like olives and sticky toffee pudding, banoffee was just something that didn’t register on my ‘like it’ list as a kid. With banoffee, I can’t pinpoint what it was – whether it be the sweetness, or the familiar banana taste but not in banana form. Who knows.

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Millionaire Shortbread Cake

It’s official. I’m slightly obsessed with caramel. And chocolate. And drip cakes. In fact, as the weather gets colder, all I seem to want to eat is bad for me. Standard. I want to dive into whatever is comforting and whatever feels like it’s going to wrap me up and keep me warm. And this, this cake ticks the boxes. We have chocolate cake and actual chocolate, we’ve got caramel and we’ve got biscuits. The idea came from a work friend, who asked me to make a Millionaires Shortbread cake and I thought it was a stroke of genius.

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Mocha Layer Cake

For me, a Sunday morning it all about the coffee – sitting in a macchinetta, slowly filling the house with it’s deep, bitter smell. I savour it, for as long as I can, knowing that I have nothing else to do for the rest of the day. I can spend the day in the kitchen, baking and then later, cooking a nice roast dinner. It’s the perfect end to the weekend and my love of coffee inspired this next bake.

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Banoffee Macarons


I said, didn’t I? I said no more lemon [this week at least!]. Moving on to another fruit, and another classic dessert flavour for this weeks final instalment of #macaronmondays – Banoffee. Banoffee Pie is, for me, on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to desserts. It can sometimes be too rich, but in macaron form you get all of the incredible taste in just a couple of bites – perfect!

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Creme Brûlée Cake

So. How does this work? A Creme brûlée cake. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I love French food and I especially love creme brûlée. It’s one of my all time favourites. So I thought, why not mix together my love of cake with my love of this French classic.

The single most satisfying bit when eating a creme brûlée is cracking through that caramel top to get the goodness below. So why not replicate that, here?

I spent a while thinking how this would work. It would need caramel, it would need custard. The custard was the easy part – logic says to sandwhich it in-between layers and the result is somewhat satisfying to say the least. I thought about sprinkling with caramel pieces, decorating with caramel shards and then I realised I was missing the point.

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Crème Brulee is a decadent and rich dessert adaptable in many ways – which is why I love it so. While a regular vanilla Crème Brulee hits the spot, sometimes I crave something a little different and Crème Brulee is perfect to switch up a little bit.

Passion Fruit is one of my favourite fruits – sharp and zingy, it compliments the creaminess of the vanilla custard perfectly – each spoonful hits you with the crunchiness of the caramel, creaminess of the vanilla custard and a hint of the exotic fruits humming away in the background.

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