Lemon & Thyme Drizzle Mini Bundt Cakes

So, it’s been a while and for that, I apologise. But, but… there is a reason and it’s a little top secret, but it’s going to prevent me from uploading as many recipes but it’ll be worth it – I promise!

You might also notice a distinct difference in style for this recipe and it’s something I’m trying out – veering away from every recipe being dark and moody, I thought I’d begin venturing into something lighter and fresher – let me know what you think! It’s not to say I’ll never do the dark and moody stuff again, but let’s mix it up a little, shall we?

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Coffee and Cocoa Mini Bundt Cake

It’s official: I love bundt cakes and I plan to make plenty more. This week, I’ve been in the mood for something pretty chocolatey – which is pretty bad after the amount I consumed during Christmas! But, I am weak-minded and so gave into my gut. And out of that weak-willedness came these coffee and cocoa bundt cakes.

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Citrus, Honey and Pistachio Mini Bundt Cake

These lil’ guys are something I have been wanting to make for ages but just haven’t got round to it. Over Christmas, I ordered this incredible 6-hole mini bundt tin from Amazon and I set myself to work. There is something humbling and relaxing about making mini cakes. I think it’s going something to do with the fact you’ve got to decorate each one and – for me anyway – each one has to look identical, so you’ve got the extra challenge. You’ve got to spend that little bit more time and offer up that bit of a delicate hand and so all in all the whole experience becomes simply more therapeutic.

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