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Parmesan Twists

It’s summer time – so that means picnics all round. I am sure there will be the usual British fare – cucumber sandwiches (hey, who is complaining), sausage rolls, the obligatory bag of Kettle chips and of course some Pimms. Well there best be Pimms otherwise what kind of picnic do you call this?

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You might know by now that lemon is one of my ultimate favourite flavours – I especially enjoy a lemon meringue pie with the pastry, the lemony-goodness and cloud-like meringue all combined. Heaven on a plate. I felt like taking the classic Éclair and putting a bit of a fun twist on it. The result is a stunning, citrusy Éclair perfect with a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon.

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Just because it’s now officially spring and the clocks are going forward, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy an Autumnal treat every now and then. When I think of Autumn, I automatically think of pie. Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie and most of all Pecan Pie. Pecan Pie has such a depth of flavour; dark and sticky and fudgy. When you pair it with the ginger ice cream and a rum-laced toffee sauce you have one hell of a dessert.

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