Despite the name, I don’t just bake. You’ll find a fair few savoury dishes and a couple of cocktail recipes on the site, too.

While my real passion is baking – whether it be cakes, cupcakes, bread or pastry – I do enjoy cooking a good meal, too. I would say that as this is purely a side-project, the logistics of cooking a hot meal and photographing it is a lot more difficult – I cook for both my partner and I and so when I’ve spent that time in the kitchen, I just want to sit at the table and enjoy the food with him. That’s not to say there’ll be no new savoury meals uploaded at a later date, they are just few and far between.

I bake for people and for myself. I bake for occasions and purely because it’s a weekend. Cakes bring people together in a way a hot meal rarely does – it’s more fun. It’s less serious. There’s less importance placed on a cake because it’s not your main source of food for the day (although it would be no bad thing if it were, right?). And so people crowd around a cake – they take photos and choose their slice. They make sure the kettle is on because what is cake without tea. That is the mission – to bring people together with sponge.

The flavours vary – I of course have my favourites, like many people do – those being lemon and meringue and anything citrus. I also love caramel – salted, of course. I love taking something we know and love and deconstructing it and then bringing each and every element back together in cake form. I find the process of figuring out how to incorporate each element fascinating.

So that is what you can expect from Baker Man. Lot’s of sweet stuff, some splashes of savoury and a shit tonne of lemon.